British Studies

British Studies, an interdisciplinary minor, promotes a deeper understanding of British culture from the beginning of its history to the present. Through courses in a range of subjects - in the arts, humanities, and social sciences - faculty and students examine the impact that Britain (including England, Wlaes, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and pre-independent Ireland) has had throughout the world and the reciprocal impact that other places, nations, and ethnicities have had on British culture. The minor fosters appreciation of the multiplicity of British identity, a structure characterized, from its pre-modern origins to the present day, as much by tension, division, and fragmentation as by cohesion or unity. The program advocates experiential learning, encouraging students in the minor and throughout the College to study and travel in Britain.

British Studies minor at the College of Charleston

Students electing to minor in British Studies take 6 credit hours in the history, politics, economics, and/or sociology/anthropolgy of the British Isles; 6 credit hours in literature, art, architecture, drama, and/or music of the British Isles; 3 credits in a course pertaining to the British Empire; and 3 credits of a capstone experience.